Why we made the movie?

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Dear Friends, you may know me as the creator of Savita Bhabhi, but not a lot of you know the journey right from the day the idea of the comic was born to the long awaited Savita Bhabhi movie. I am here to tell you that story.

The idea

16th December 2007 – A group of young men are sitting with glasses of whisky and chakna, discussing life and love when the discussions turn to the one thing all young men love!

guys talking One of the “firang” friends remarked that even though Indian women were among the worlds most beautiful, surprisingly there was not a single super hot Indian adult entertainment star. The friends agreed the reason was simple – no Indian woman would publicly expose what she did in the bedroom because of the hypocritical nature of the Indian ruling elite. Not content with just accepting that, they decided that if India did not have such a star – they would create one!

After that night and the effects of alcohol had worn off, everybody went back to their normal lives, but the idea of a toon adult star kept haunting me. Using the memories of my youth, and with inspiration of a very special Bhabhi, I wrote the very first SB story and found an artist to draw the comic.

I was one of those men and my name is Deshmukh!

savita bhabhi episode 1

The First Episode

It was on 15th March 2008 that the very first episode of Savita Bhabhi was launched. As it started off as just a hobby for me, I never expected the outpouring of support and the number of fans that Savita would quickly build.

In only a short time the website www.savitabhabhi.com was getting more than 15 million vistors a month to become one of the top sites in India. Everywhere on the streets and homes in India, outside colleges and in workplaces, young men were enjoying the stories of Savita Bhabhi with their friends and colleagues, waiting eagerly everyday for a new page of her misadventures.

The BAN!


Then, suddenly one day it all stopped! In the most random act of censorship, the Indian authorities ignoring all the thousands of porn sites and videos on the internet decided that the one thing they would choose to censor was a comic website. And so Savita Bhabhi was banned!

article1 article2

What followed was an outpouring of support for our Bhabhi and criticism of the governments actions. Major media publications around the world right from the Hindustan times in India to the Huffington post in the US wrote about the death of free speech and what the banning of Savita Bhabhi represented.

I tried to fight the ban, but one man can only do so much.

All was quiet.


Until NOW!

Like the phoenix out of the ashes, Savita Bhabhi has risen again – in her sexiest avatar ever. For years Savita Bhabhi has moved you, now it’s time for you to see her move.

The first ever Savita Bhabhi Movie is a roller coaster ride thru different dimensions, sexual situations and plans to bring down the bad guys. Our Bhabhi who for years had always found herself in precarious situation finds herself in her most exciting adventure yet!

Not only does she have to find a way to get herself out of her predicament and help out the two best friends Suraj and Hari, she also has to save our world in the process.

Savita’s inaugural venture on the big screen is full of surprises, twists and LOTS of sex. But it’s also a movie with a message – it’s time Savita fought back against the people who banned her!

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