Movie Plot

India, 2070. The world has changed a lot. Freedom of speech has taken a hit to the nuts and censorship is everywhere. Citizens seem to have accepted it.

But one man, his fat nerdy friend and the hottest fictional character India has ever seen are not about to take the injustice lying down!

The first ever Savita Bhabhi movie is a roller coaster ride thru different dimensions, sex and bringing down bad guys. Our Bhabhi who has for years now found herself in precarious situation finds herself in the most precarious situation till date! She not only has to find a way to get herself out if it, but also help out the two best friends Suraj and Hari AND save the world in the process.

Savita’s inaugural venture on the big screen is a full of surprises, twists and LOTS of sex. But it’s also a movie with a message – it’s time Savita fought back against the people who banned her!

The twins Tarun and Varun, a sexy secretary and a horny corrupt minister – how do they all fit in this plot. Well, you’ve have to watch the movie to find out!