What is the Savita Bhabhi Movie?

The Savita Bhabhi Movie is India’s first Animated Adult Movie. Like the phoenix out of the ashes, Savita Bhabhi has risen again – in her sexiest avatar ever.

The first ever Savita Bhabhi Movie is a roller coaster ride thru different dimensions, sexual situations and plans to bring down the bad guys. Our Bhabhi who for years had always found herself in precarious situation finds herself in her most exciting adventure yet!

Not only does she have to find a way to get herself out of her predicament and help out the two best friends Suraj and Hari, she also has to save our world in the process.

Savita’s inaugural venture on the big screen is full of surprises, twists and LOTS of sex. But it’s also a movie with a message – it’s time Savita fought back against the people who banned her!


How do I buy the movie

Three simple steps
1. Click the BECOME A MEMBER button.
2. Enter in your Credit Card details in the form
3. You will be sent a username and password to login to the Members Only download area.

How do I download the movie

Once you buy the movie access, you will be able to login to the Members Only download area. We will be updating this area DAILY with behind the scenes clips, games and other stuff from the movie. You will also get access to all 36 episodes of Savita Bhabhi Movie comics.

On May 4th, the entire movie will be updated for you to watch and download in the members area.