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January 13 -

Times of India: Savita Bhabhi film goes to Hollywood

The creators of Savita Bhabhi film have just completed and launched an English version of the movie which was made especially for the overseas market and its non-Hindi speaking fans. The movie has been dubbed by professional voice artists of Indian origin rather than American actors to maintain an authentic feel to the characters.

Deshmukh, the creator of Savita Bhabhi had this to say, “We have received a lot of interest from overseas users and this step was in response to the requests from those fans. The plan is now to enter the Savita Bhabhi Movie in international film festivals since we have an English version.”

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January 3 -

Bollywood Life : Savita Bhabhi movie review tops 2013!

Savita Bhabhi beat other industry hotties like Katrina Kaif and Sherlyn Chopra to be the top newsmaker of 2013 as reported by Bollywood website Bollywood Life.

The Savita Bhabhi movie review, India’s first animated porn film got the highest views in 2013. We know it’s all about dirty tricks, but that’s what our readers like, hai na? Or else why would it be on top of our list?

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December 11 -

Watch the Savita Bhabhi Movie in English

We finally did it. After a lot of hardwork and late nights, we have the final version of the Savita Bhabhi Movie for all our non-hindi speaking fans. You can now download and watch streaming the Savita Bhabhi Movie in English.

The movie has been dubbed by professional Indian voice actors to maintain the authentic feel and is very very sexy!!

Watch the English trailer on the homepage now!

September 30 -

Savita Bhabhi Movie now with English Subtitles

A lot of Savita’s fans don’t speak hindi and so asked for the movie in English subtitles. Here you go guys!!

We’ve uploaded the complete Savita Bhabhi Movie in the members area with English subtitles! So click the Download Movie Now button and enjoy the sexual adventures of your favorite Bhabhi in the first ever Savita Bhabhi Movie!

September 17 -

Interview with the creator of Savita Bhabhi Movie

Savita is bold, liberated and in control of the sex she’s having (usually behind her husband’s back). Savita Bhabi’s website, which features sexy comic strips and erotic anime, draws 19.5 million visitors every month. Erotic Review had a chat with Deshmukh, creator of the Savita Bhabi Movie and fell head over heels for India’s most beloved porn star.

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