Savita Bhabhi

India’s hottest bhabhi! Savita is a young gujarati housewife who is very very attracted to one thing. Sex! She always finds herself getting into various misadventures because of her hyperactive libido and loving nature. In the “Savita Bhabhi Movie” our bhabhi finds herself in a world that is alien to her and needs her help. Not only does she have to get herself out of the predicament, but she also has to save the world in the process!


Suraj is a normal young Indian guy who loves sports, internet and girls. His biggest complaint is against the government who keep blocking websites they think are not good for him. He is the guy who is responsible for getting Savita in the trouble she finds herself in, but as Savita herself says –
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Nerdy lil Hari is very smart and with his own lab, he is always inventing crazy new devices which get him and Suraj in trouble! A shy guy, he prefers keeping his girls virtual rather than real. But maybe that is what has got him into trouble in the first place!

Rakesh Mehta

If there was ever a corrupt and seedy minister than its this guy. On the outside, Rakesh Mehta is the protector of morality and chastity, but those close to him including his secretary know that he is nothing but a horny pervert. Rumour is that he does not get any sex at home, and so removes his frustration on his underlings and the general public!

Hear what the minister has to say about beautiful women

Tarun & Varun

They are Savita Bhabhi’s next door neighbors and favorite lovers. Of all the men that Savita has been with, none can satisfy her like the tag-team of these brothers. There is always a healthy rivalry between the two about who can satisfy Savita more. Savita’s answer to keep the peace – Fuck them both!