LiveMint – Savita Bhabhi moves to celluloid

Added: April 2, 2013 12:37 pm

Another scoop for the Savita Bhabhi Movie. Nandini who writes for Mint which is the second largest business newspaper in India and has an exclusive arrangement with the Wall Street Journal published this piece.

The article also ran in its Print Editions.


Savita Bhabhi is back, this time with sound effects.

A movie based on the Internet cartoon character—a lustful married woman whose sexual escapades with sundry men delighted fans but outraged the Indian government – will be released in May. The Savita Bhabhi Movie has been directed and produced by the strip’s creator, Puneet Agarwal, a London-based entrepreneur who goes by the pseudonym Deshmukh. Agarwal hopes to release the movie in cinemas in the UK and the US in May, but he will follow a different distribution route for India.

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